The Future of Solar is Clear
Stellaris Panels Company Mission

It’s time to look at solar through a new lens.

At Stellaris, we’re reshaping the future of solar by innovating new technologies, engineering new manufacturing processes and rethinking long-held industry conventions.

Based on our award-winning technology, our PV module product line delivers world-beating value by using far less PV than traditional modules. Moreover, its cost to install is much less than conventional modules as it can be installed without a rack and does not require grounding..

The result is the introduction of an exciting new product with broad application for residential, commercial, utility-scale and BIPV solar.

Stellaris Technology

  • Lowest -Module Cost in the Industry
  • Radical Cost Reduction Technology
  • Less PV, Same Power Output
  • Residential, Commercial and Utility-scale Applications
  • New Architectural and BIPV Options

The IP for Stellaris' extraordinary inverter technology is available! Click HERE to learn more.